A subject to big for a title.

Sometimes I think, "if I only knew a bit more about God, then I can truly love the people around me". I assume that if I know how to explain why God did or does certain things in the Bible or even in todays time, then I will be able to love them. I guess my idea of love has warped from caring for the needs [physical/spiritual needs] of someone into clearing away their confusion/mystery.  

I don't need to memorize every word Jesus said before I can feed the hungry, care for the orphan, write to a prisoner or even just being there for a friend. I know I just listed the cliche things, but they are really important in God's eyes, also being there for a friend [or an enemy] is sometimes just that; being there.


There is a verse that has been going through my head for quite sometime, and every time it would come back with a different meaning, sometimes a meaning that was in truth, and sometimes a meaning that was my hopeful interpretation of the verse. But just while writing this blog I think it comes to a whole new meaning that I really enjoy.


John 5:39 You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.


Basically, I have been trying to figure out the meanings of everything in the Bible before applying them to loving others as myself. Forgive me for not knowing off the top of my head where these verses are, I think the meaning of the verse is more important than the location of the verse. But when Jesus says "he that loves me will obey my commands*, and I will show myself to him". Basically this is the way I see it, though it doesn't make it true, it's something to think about; If Jesus' main commandments were to Love God with all our soul, heart and mind and Love our neighbor as ourselves. And then the Bible also says that God IS love, in other words God = Love, then if we love God/people then God reveals himself to us. 


I know I sound like I am trying to make up my own doctrine, but that certainly isn't my intentions. God is love, and if we love as we are commanded, God reveals himself as He promised.


It's like if a flame came up to me and said set things on fire and I will reveal my power/myself to you. If you obey the flame and set something on fire, you certainly will be seeing the power and revealing of a fire. 


Jesus' command is love God and Love people and he says, if you do these, I will reveal myself to you [John14:21] because God is love. If we abide in God [love], we sinneth not, and if we sin [fail to love one another] we fail to know Him. [1 John 3:6 drastically paraphrased]


I hope that makes sense, if it made sense the first time, I am sorry for the monotonous ramblings.


your friend,




PS email me if you want the other verses I referenced, it's too late in the night to post them all. isaac@tubopopcorn.com