Zebras, Giraffes and Squirrels.

When I was in Africa, baboons were everywhere, I would see them when I was walking outside my hotel, they would be in the road like dear, crossing and getting in the way of cars. Of course every American in the van had to get their camera out and take pictures. Obviously the natives aren't phased by the baboons.  

I am learning that the reason we are told to get out of our comfort zones a lot is because sometimes you get so numb to the incredible things around you. You can't experience a roller coaster until you get off the comfort of the ground, you can't experience the weather unless you leave the comfort of your house, etc.


I've realized I lost my child-like fascination towards earthworms and squirrels because they have become common to me. But I am sure if an African comes to America, he may take pictures of squirrels, even though his town has zebras and lions. When I truly start looking at deer and my finger prints like they aren't common or I have never seen them before, I start to learn something new about them and anything I look at this way.


This applies to anything, including the Bible.


I was reading the famous Bible story of Jesus washing his disciples feet [John 13:5-17]. 


Jesus is washing everyones feet and one disciple says "hey, why are you doing this?" Jesus said, "hold on I'll tell you after". So after he washes everyone's feet Jesus says, "you all have called me master and Lord, which you are correct, so if your master and Lord washed your feet, then you have to do it unto others". Basically, Jesus raised the bar, but I guess more like, lowered the bar. If the master is serving, then what will the servants be doing? And I love this, Jesus says, "If you know these things, happy are you that do them".


We sometimes simplify the complex and complicate the simple. That is another blog soon.


your friend,