Mindless chatter/Mindless prayer

  One of my best friends lives in California, and we try to call each other as often as possible and catch up and hold each other accountable, etc. One time in particular I was talking to him while I was on the computer uploading pictures or checking on things, though not necessarily reading anything, but just doing mindless internet stuff. I realized after the fact that I wasn't able to dedicate my whole mind to our conversation and updates. My responses were delayed at times and even joking around wasn't up to par that we have come to know. I didn't fully get to learn more about him and his updates.


Recently I was talking to another close friend of mine and I was on the other end of them on the computer and I realized that not only were they not fully involved in the conversation but I didn't feel fully able to involve myself. It seemed like I couldn't really get to know my friend more and I remembered being on the other end of it with my California friend.


After the conversation I put on my music and sang along to my music and prayed while doing so. I was praying that I can get to know God more and more and I felt like God was saying, "Love me with all your mind". I realized then, when my prayer life is strictly multi-tasking, then I will never learn more about my God and His personality. But if I can dedicate my mind to loving Him I can truly learn from and about Him.


I have certainly had my moments where I was singing along to my favorite band, looking at fish, or hanging out with a friend that God just blew my mind and taught me so much. But tonight I really knew God was telling me that I have extinguished my source. Similar to my last blog I learned that I can't just get truth and lessons from just one source. Though I have learned about God from looking at nature and asking God to teach me, and I have learned about/from God while singing/dancing in the forrest, I learned that I need to love God with all my mind. 


Here is the difference that I've had from my really strong constant communication with God and my mediocre communication. I learn the most from God when I dedicate my mind to Him, like give Him 100% of my thoughts and everything, which especially includes taking time to turn off the music while driving to pray, taking a walk to pray, setting aside time where I am doing nothing else but praying/meditating. Eventually that makes me think about God when I am singing along to my bands, looking at fish and hanging out with friends. My learning progress is very minimal when the the peak of me praying includes me doing something as well. Basically when you have times where you love God with all your mind, by dedicating 100% of your mind to prayer, than you start to pray and medicate while eating, driving and everything else. But when your only attempts at prayer are while driving, eating, singing, then you really can't get to know Him fully, just like talking to a friend on the phone and cropping pictures.


Love the Lord your God with all your...Mind. [Luke 10:27 paraphrased]


your friend,