A Failed Success Story

What inspires me most is not the profound or well-worded. It's the most honest and transparent. 


When people truly share themselves is when I learn.

I hardly learn from someone that only shares the things of their life they are proud of.


Every exciting moment needs a backstory.

The story of a kid winning a spelling bee isn't to inspiring, unless you learn about his past failed attempts, his dyslexia and poor memory. Then it's when that story becomes incredible.


God shines through our darkness, honesty and failures.

The great success stories usually begin with a failure. 


If you just proclaimed, "Gideon won the war!"*, I would say, well who is Gideon, and why should I care, people win wars all the time.

But when you then tell me how he won with only 300 soldiers and the hand of God. The excitement then enters the story.


Honesty is what shows our failures, and failures are what separate our personalities as unique and brings us together as friends.

Honesty is what puts us in our place and God in HIs.


your friend,




*Judges 6-7