A stranger is just a friend you haven't met.

I was at a church and sitting down during the music. Though it seemed some people around me assumed I wasn't worshiping, they would be right to say I wasn't singing.  

While sitting there in my thoughts, a little girl saw me and waved. She didn't care what I was doing or wasn't doing, she didn't care whether or not I had brand name clothes or the same style as her. She just saw a person and saw a friend.


Jesus said we should be like children to enter His kingdom, from that, I have been learning a lot from kids.


That night I learned that kids see people as potential friends. Anyone with a soul seems to attract kids. They don't judge, assume, they don't need to know what your major is or favorite band is to be your friend, they just know there is someone in front of them that they can laugh with and learn with.


Seeing people as friends and not enemies allows us to care for others the way we should and allows us to learn along with each other.


your friend,