Road to Wonder

  I am currently in the United Kingdom on a tour. This morning I woke up incredibly early and I got a chance to take a walk outside the bus and it was great to see the UK outside from the venues and restaurants I've been.


So I found a foot path that led me to a country road that was surrounded by trees and only enough room for a car going one way. On the other side of the trees were wide open fields with horses, rabbits and birds. Everything I saw was pretty unusual to what I have seen in the states and I was trying to savor each moment. 

While I was walking I remembered a prayer that I've prayed about a year ago before I left to possibly live in Columbus, Ohio. 


Back at home I walked every night to a near-by train bridge, that was in the middle of the city, to pray and look at the city while remaining unseen. I have had many prayers, walks, dances and memorable moments on that bridge. On one of the last days I was walking to the bridge I prayed, "wherever I end up, wherever I live, I ask that you give me a place like this were I can walk".


When walking down this country road this morning in the UK I thanked God that I had somewhere to walk and be alone. I then looked around at the little footpaths and trails that I will never be able to explore. I was reminded at how big this world is. If I spent my whole life trying to just see, not understand, but just see all there is in this world I would never be able to. The caves, the mountains the backyards of the rich and the depths of the sea. Without even trying to remember or understand this whole earth I still can never see it all. 


When you stand on a raft or a small boat you can stand up and push the floating object down. I remembered this and just tried giving this earth a push. I know that may sound stupid but I really helped me grasp that this world is huge and I am not. 


So I think about God and how much there of him there is. How I will never experience every part of Him let alone understand him. Basically this whole time I have been remembering and realizing that I will never understand God fully, but it also applies that I will not be able to experience him fully. I don't mean just in his fullness but also his vastness. 


Even the walk back, the same path I just got done walking, allowed me to see it from the other side. I am sure it looks different at night and different when it snows. Basically even if you aren't experiencing something 'new' about God, you very well can be. God is just showing you the other dimension of him. Your literal backyard that you may have played in as a kid a million times has something new for you to experience, just don't see it the same way every time you go back there. When you are learning about God in the same way you have before, make look into what he is trying to show you this time around.


But I think, everyone I come in contact with can tell me stories of their life and experiences, what they have seen in their lifetime. The highlights of their lives, and I can in one way experience a lot more of this world than I would by myself. 


This is why I blog, I never been able to verbalize it before. I certainly never wanted to seem like I have the corner on truth or that I have all the answers. But I have experienced things you haven't and you have experienced things nobody else has either. We all have experienced things nobody else has or every will and that is one of the many reasons we need to share our stories of our life and especially our faith. I have been wrong many times in my writings and sometimes it made me almost want to stop blogging all together because I don't want to mislead anyone, because when it comes to truth and faith it's very very serious. I don't take it lightly. But the fear of being wrong is healthy, we should always speak about truth/light/love in a fear of misleading others, but then still speak. 


It's like performing open heart surgery, you should have a lot of fear when going into it because that will make you take it seriously, but that fear shouldn't discourage you from trying, if you didn't, that may be the last chance they have to get their heart fixed. 


I hope my blogs and words never inspire you to conclude but only to inspire you to join me in the search for truth and seeking God the best we can.


your friend,