This week I didn't see God...

This week I didn't see God... But I did see old friends reconcile after four years of not talking.

I did see a father show loving affection to his handicapped son that may never be able to show love back.

I did see the light hit the moisture in the air just right to display a well defined rainbow.

I did see a beetle work it's way around an unfamiliar landscape.

I did see a father and son that have had communication issues for years, find a way to dance a forget their issues.

I did see my parents after 25+ years of marriage dancing together along with the rest of my friend's parents that are still together.

I did see a rainstorm from a car, a father properly loving his daughter, a formally socially awkward friend be the life at a party and I saw atheists, Christians and agnostics share a laugh together.

Sometimes I think I don't see God, then I remember that God isn't a white bearded dude that holds lightning in each hand, God is love. When I remember that, I see God work his way through the cracks of our friendships, our pains, our loves, our joys and our weaknesses.

That is all.

your friend,