Ashamed of the Gospel

Christians are always told to "never be ashamed of our faith".I agree. But I think sometimes we aren't ashamed to tell people what we believe but we are ashamed to love them.


Maybe a huge part of our gospel is love. Maybe we shouldn't be ashamed to do the loving thing when we need to. Like maybe refrain from gossip or not join in on a genuine insult.*


One of my best friends was telling me how important it is to mention that you are a Christian so that person makes a mental note of it, then they see how you live and act and see the fruits of the spirit, God will get the glory. If you just love them they think you just are a loving guy. We should mention we are Christians, then live it out.


I think this world has seen Christians that are never ashamed to say their views on gay marriage, politics, smoking, drinking, cussing, and their views on premarital sex. But what if we had a bunch of Christians that weren't ashamed of the loving others even when it's hard?


Just some thoughts,


Your friend,




*I do believe in genuine insults and brotherly ones, sometimes insulting is how some guys bond, but be aware, because that is not how everyone works.