In Your Facebook

Anyone else feel how negative Facebook is? As someone who graduated from homeschooling, I can only imagine what high school was like, I'd guess it's a lot like Facebook. People who 'love' seem to only love the people that aren't their neighbor. They love and support the people that are like them or are geographically far from them. If you love people that are just like you, that's a form of loving yourself. But the thing is, there's not one person in the world that will agree 100% with your every opinion. So why are we turning on each other so quickly when our opinions don't align?

It makes sense to me that divorce happens so frequently. We don't know how to love people that are different than us, we are far too easily offended and we only have the illusion of making the world a better place via limiting our action to spreading awareness, we're not really changing our actions due to our awareness.

In "The Great Divorce" (by CS Lewis) hell is described as a place where everyone gets what they want. If you want a new house, you can think it up and it'll appear. But after you fight with your neighbor, you pick up and move until the nearest neighbor is a 7 year journey, just to see another soul.

I suggest watching "Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" by Twilight Zone (on Hulu/Netflix) it's 25 minutes long and it's a prophetic description of Facebook, I think.

We're in a civil war because we don't believe in sacrifice, forgiveness, empathy and self-control.

Lord, save us from ourselves. Save us from what we want. Because what we want isn't working.

your friend,